Stop selling yourself short.
Start 'Selling Unique'.

As an online entrepreneur or small business owner, you may think you have sales/marketing, lead generation or conversion problems. But actually, those are just symptoms of a deeper problem…

Want to convert more clients and customers? It's time to start showing them the unique you...

'Selling Unique' is about creating sales messages that attract the right attention, enhance your brand and deliver your true value to people who recognise it and benefit from it.

The result is more success and growth for your biz, with far less effort and expense.

Here's how I can help you with that:

About me (and you)

Hi! I'm Pete Michaels, Copywriting & Messaging Consultant.

I help entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, consultants and course owners better communicate their unique value to the people who want what they have.

We do this by working together through a 3-step process called 'Selling Unique'...

Step 1 - Clarify

First I’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s true wants, needs & motivations.

It’s all about asking the right questions: of your service and of your market.

Without the clarity these questions bring, your messaging risks being misguided – and your time, money & energy can flow in the wrong direction.

Step 2 - Construct

Next we’ll define the best ways to express what’s most desirable and distinct about your offer:

What makes your product or service truly unique, and why your audience should invest in it.

This is where I draw on my conversion copywriting experience to build a stronger bridge between your offer and what your ideal customer really wants.

Step 3 - Connect

Then we’ll create and optimize the messaging systems that deliver clarity to your audience.

I’ll help you ‘sell unique’ in ways that get your incomparable value noticed, making sure each step builds trust and enhances that value with your customers.

It's time to separate yourself from the crowd and become recognised for what YOU do best.

How to know if your business is 'Selling Unique' right now:

First, ask yourself three questions:

Do you really KNOW what drives and repels your ideal prospect? Do you truly ‘get’ them, or are you just guessing?
Does your messaging – the content you publish, the sales copy people see – fully communicate the UNIQUE value of your product or service?
And is it communicating that value in ways that build long-term TRUST with your audience?
If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then you owe it to your business to make a change.

But simply ‘tweaking the copy’ isn't enough. You need to go deeper...

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Discover how YOU can start Selling Unique

I'm working closely with a handful of entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, consultants and course owners who want to truly 'sell unique' and better connect with their ideal clients & customers.

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